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Jusoor for Studies center has issued a map showing the current developments in Syria and Iraq after starting Euphrates shield operation on august 24 ,106 and the battle of Mousel in the few last days.
the unique map aims to show changing in the influence areas of fighting parties within one release shows the rapprochement of both two countries and the effects of these changing on their events.

Iraqi Army Forces, Peshmerga Forces and Popular Mobilization Forces supported by Iran are fighting in Mousel battle which American forces participated it under air cover of alliance aviation against ISIS, while the FSA factions are fighting in Euphrates shield battle, with air and artillery support by Turkey , targeting the area controlled by ISIS northern of Syria .

The common denominator in the military map of Iraq and Syria is ISIS, and this is clear in the large regional role of turkey and Iran in the current events where each of them supports military factions and entities associated with them in varying degrees.
Regarding to the international influence on the events in Syria and Iraq, the American president Barack Obama wants to complete liberating Mousel by Mousel battle before leaving the white house through the intensification of land, air and advisory American military presence.
The north of Syria witness increasing Russian role which support the Syrian regime that led to increase complexity of Syrian situation due to the inflexible Russian vision that considered the Syrian opposition factions as terrorist gangs, so Russia intensifies the airstrikes on Aleepo in order to force fighters to get out eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and to achieve a breakthrough which will force opposition to accept the Russian perception of the solution.
These developments made Mousel and Aleppo focus of attention of the whole world which necessitated intensive political and diplomatic move between regional and international countries to find political solutions and to stop increasing conflict in the region within large disputes about who will inherit ISIS, so the fighting forces seem that they are working rapidly to gain as much as possible from the wide land which ISIS will lose after long battles.