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Euphrates shield operation

Today ,Tuesday, October 18 2016 ,Jusoor for Studies center issued a map showing development of Euphrates shield operation ( Dere’e Al-Furat ) in its third stage ,where the opposition factions which fall under the operation controlled Dabeq and Souran  on October 16 2016 after controlling on Akhtreen and several villages around the western and northern vicinity of Souran ,taking advantages from artillery and air boot provided by Turkish forces , accomplished qualitative difference and expanded its control area into 1130 square kilometers along the border in Aleppo.

Dabeq which is 35 km away from Aleppo, and it located in Izaz region ,has a religious and moral importance for the organization because it was mentioned in many sayings of the prophet (pbuh) ,and using its name, the organization issued the most important media ,and Dabeq also has a historic symbol for turkey because it has the place of the important battle between Mamelukes and ottomans .

Thus, Euphrates shield operation has ended the purification of entire border with turkey depriving the organization from its Border points communication with the outside world ,and from supplying with individuals and preventing it from lunching Katyusha rockets towards turkey lands especially Killis ,the boarder city, and at that time ,the controlling of Dabeq is paving the way for the operation forces to go south towards the strategic city (Al-Bab) after stopping the military supplies from the city and secure the rear lines of attacking forces, where Al-Bab- in addition to Raqqa and Al-Mosul - is considered one of the major city that still under controlling of ISIS.