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Jusoor for Studies issued the military influence map for November 2016, which showed that the ratio of total and effective controlling of areas by various fighting parties were different from the ratio in the map of October 2016.

By issuing this map monthly, the center seeks for highlighting the field developments in the Syrian scene and its effects on the total and effective controlling ratio in whole Syrian lands and in each province, separately, analyze the content of this map, clarify the implications politically and reading the results in a way linking the fighters to the politicians.
An open military conflict started and exchange control between the fighting forces and ISIL, armed opposition, Euphrates shield, Regime Forces, Shiite MILITIAS and Democratic Forces of Syria ,has occurred in Aleepo during November , and the regime bombardment of locations include Turkish soldiers was recorded for the first time , and the rival forces to enter the city of Al-Bab became convergent which may cause an outbreak of unexpected confrontation.

Inside Aleppo the city, regime forces controlled Al-Shkour neighborhood which allow kurdish militias to make progress in several eastern neighborhoods such as, Be'edeen , Bustan Al-Basha , sheikh fares , Houllak Al-Fouqani , ain al-ten factories and Zaytounat after the withdrawal of opposition forces from these areas , and entire north eastern part  of the city is out control of opposition forces.
These developments come within the attempts of Russia and Syrian regime to exploit the USA preoccupation with arrangement for new administration after Obama.

Despite the importance of these developments, and the quality of these breakthroughs, but it did not significant impacts on the rates of total or effective control due to the small area of these neighborhoods.
Meanwhile the areas of Euphrates shield control are expanded to increase the ratio of effective area controlling from 1.34 % in the last month to 1.89% in the current month.
Except the developments in Aleppo and its countryside, there are not any important developments recorded in the Syrian scene on the ground.