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Map of Military Influence of July 2016

Jusoor for Studies center has released the Map of Military Influence of July 2016, which shows some variations in the Influence Rate over Total Area and Influence Rate over Effective Area compared to the Map Of Military Influence of June 2016.


Jusoor for Studies center aims by monthly releasing of this Maps to show the in field-variations happening in SYRIA, and its reflections over the Influence Rate over total Area and Influence Rate over effective Area shown in two separated maps, the first concerns SYRIA in an overall view, the second is more detailed by spotting the light on every province, those a detailed analysis of these rates and its political meanings can be done with a dialectic  reading  of the outcomes that combine what is happening in the battle field with what is happening behind the politic scenes.
The Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has shown important advances in the two sieged GHOTA, from one side and in the eastern GHOTA the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has controlled MEDAA town which subordinate to DOUMA city in 09/07/2016, and BHARIA in the west of MEDAA, this control occurred after 12 days of violent military operations accompanied with air cover and Russian support, the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has taken advantage of previous conflicts between the Opposition Armed Groups (OAG) in the area, and burning agriculture fields (MEDAA is an  agricultural town considered as food source to eastern GHOTA) paving the way  to "Hunger Truce" that the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) announce publically under " Reconciliations".
In addition to being a food source, MEDAA has a strategic importance by forming an eastern gate to GHOTA factions toward AL DMAIER and EASTERN KALAMON.
From the other side, in the southern GHOTA, the balance has leaned in an extreme degree toward Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) in DARIA after 4 years of continuous siege, and bombing with various heavy weapons especially " Barrel bombs", the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has controlled farms and populated areas surrounding DARIA from the south, thus more than 8000 civilians are still sieged in the center of DARIA almost completely destroyed.
in the north of SYRIA, in ALEPPO the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has controlled after heavy shelling in 07/07/2016 the MALLAH farms overlooking CASTELLO road the last supplying roads of the Opposition Armed Groups in the city, it has also in 26/07/2016 advanced over many locations in BELLERMOON and completely controlled CASTELLO road, thus the quarters belonging to Opposition Armed Groups (OAG) has been sieged completely too, and in the town of ALEPPO, the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has also controlled locations of KHALDIA and BELLERMOON.
These progresses in DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE and ALLEPO province has raised the Influence ratio over both effective and total area compared to JUNE to become respectively 29.8% and 21.2%.
Meanwhile the military situation in LATTAKIA COUNTRYSIDE is still instable, many hit and run from Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) and Opposition Armed Groups (OAG) without a qualitative breakthrough.
In MOUNBEJ (countryside of ALEPPO) the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has made some progress specially in the northern and southern street, but a total control is still away from being noticed, although the violent clashes over the four axes of the city beetween fıghters from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) whom are still inside the town after 50 days of the military campaign conducted by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with air  support from International Coalition aircraft, the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) has regained control over some locations northern of MOUNBEJ.
The military situations for JULY is generally instable in contact areas, the gains of the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) in DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE "MEDAA" are still fragile and can be overtaken by the Opposition Armed Groups (OAG) any time, and concerning the north of ALEPPO "MALAH farms" the Opposition Armed Groups (OAG) has the choice to engage AL FATH army to stand against the insistence to completely sieged ALEPPO, taking in consideration that the past events has shown the incapability of  the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) to hold control over the new controlled areas for long time without a heavy air cover provided from the Russian side that itself depend on regional and international consensuses, which makes the progress very expensive and much more like a burden than an achievement.
The confusion in TURKEY after the last Coup attempt in 15/07/2016 has to be mentioned because it has preoccupated TURKEY and still will at least on the short term, especially that TURKEY has previously normalized its relations with RUSSIA, it was obvious that the Syrian Army and Allies (SAA) has taken advantage of these foggy period to make a difference in field, but this difference is instable and could be override once the situations goes stable and events goes back to its normal flow, with applying proposed solutions and choices.