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Paper on De Mistura’s principles for a ceasefire in Syria, A draft roadmap for ceasefire- principle paper

The most important points in the paper
• Peace follows operational discussions to hold a local ceasefire gradually to reach the point of an agreement. 
• The United Nations will not be able to monitor or impose any agreement that may ensue from the ongoing discussions.
• The Syrian regime and the armed brigades will themselves monitor the ceasefire. If the situation on the ground improves, the United Nations’ Envoy’s office may expand its role in Syria.
• A clear transition in the role of the Group Supporting Syria from a sponsor of the negotiations to a guarantor of the agreements.  
• Three options to monitor the ceasefire which are: an international monitoring mission to monitor the ceasefire in all its details, reliance on locals with technical support from the international community, or a joint international and local monitoring team.