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Map of Military Influence September 2016

Jusoor for Studies issued the military influence map for September 2016, which showed that the ratio of total and effective controlling of areas by various fighting parties were different from the ratio in the map of August 2016.

Through issuing this map monthly, the center seeks for highlighting the field developments in the Syrian scene and its effects on the total and effective controlling ratio in whole Syrian lands and in each province, separately, analyze the content of this map, clarify the implications politically and reading the results in a way linking the fighters to the politicians.

Syrian opposition forces have accomplished significant progress in September, in the northern countryside of Hama and expanded the control including Halfaya, Suran, Taybat Al-Imam, Ma’ardes, Kawkab and several towns, villages and checkpoints, and up to Zayn al-Abidin mountain which is the strongest castle for the regime and it is not more than 10 km far from Hama.
Its strategic location forms a monitoring point an obstacle for opposition's progress.
The battle aimed at disable military infamous Hama Airport.

Euphrates Shield operation in north of Aleppo continues the third stage aimed at securing what was controlled since starting of the military operation in cooperation with the Turkish Army, where the controlled area by opposition after expulsion of ISIS is about 960 square km.

The Russian and Syrian's regime aviation Concentrated their brutal shelling on eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo in preparation for an expected ground invasion, but the regime forces and supporting militias did not make a qualitative progress.
Despite the continuous press reports and formal Turkish and American statements about Raqqa and Al-Bab  battle to liberate both two cities from ISIS, but September has not seen any military preparations or indicators for this, because the dispute between Turkey and America about participation of YPG.